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Choose Your Own Web Site Template

By Linda Roeder,

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Web site templates make creating your Web pages easy. You don’t have to know how to do any coding at all to use a Web site template. Just copy the code from the Web site template page, paste the Web site template code into your HTML editor and fill in the blanks of your Web site template with your own text and images.

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The advantage to using a Web site template over using and editor that doesn’t let you see the code is that if you want to change the code in the Web site template, you can. Maybe the Web site template isn’t exactly what you want. You want your columns to be wider or your text to be bigger, just change it with a Web site template.

The Web site templates I offer to you here were created by me. They’re not perfect for everyone, but these Web site templates will give you a nice head start creating your Web pages.

* Basic, Simple Web Page Web Site Template

This Web site template is very simple and the page the Web site template creates is very basic. There are no colums and no navigation in this Web site template but the Web site template will give you a starting place for your site. If you are a beginner then this is the Web site template for you.

* 3 Column Web Site Template

There’s a navigation bar to the left and another on the right on this Web site template. You can do away with one of the columns in this Web site template and just add text if you want to. The center column of this Web site template is wider than the other two and gives you a place to add the bulk of your Web page content. There’s a place in this Web site template for your site title at the top of the Web site template and a title area for each column.

* Online Diary Set of Web Site templates

You want to create your own Weblog on your Web site site but you want to do it your way and not use one of those Weblog sites where everyone has access to your pages all the time. This is a set of Web site templates that you can use to set up your whole Web site.

1. There’s a weblog homepage Web Site Template. Add an introduction to your site with this Web site template.

2. A biography page Web Site Template. Tell people all about yourself and who you are using this Web site template.

3. There’s a diary page Web Site Template. Write your daily or weekly entries with this Web site template. This Web site template will be used over and over again. Use this Web site template to create a different Web page each day when you create a new entry or you can just use the same Web page all week and then start a new one using this Web site template.

4. The photo album Web Site Template. Add your photos with this Web site template. You can add a whole bunch of photos to this Web site template and even add text to each photo using the text areas in this Web site template.

5. This links Web Site Template. This Web site template will help you gather all your entries for the month all onto one page. This way if someone wants to see all the links for April they can go to your April links page and see them all. I made this Web site template look like a calendar so it won’t just be a list of days.

6. Archive your links with this last online diary Web site template. This is the Web site template page where you will keep a history of all your month link pages, or years. Use this Web site template as your online diary’s site map so your readers will always be able to find what they are looking for. In my browser this Web site template looks like a circle so you will have your whole year all in one place.

* Graphics Links Web site template.

Link to all your photo pages, with this Web site template, so you can create an online photo album of your very own.

* Picture Page Web site template.

Add one picture to each page with this Web site template so they load faster. There’s navigation on the bottom of this Web site template page so you can link all the pictures together. Link your photos to the Graphics Links Web site template, listed above, to create your photo albumn.

* More Easy Web site templates

* Simple Scripts for Your Pages

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* Online Diary Web Template Set

* Basic Simple and 3 Column Web Templates

* Picture Page with Navigation Web Template

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