The definition of web hosting is when an organization provides a service where people can have their own online Internet Identity. If you want others to see your website you will need one of these and depending on whether it is a commercial site or not will dictate how much you pay but it is possible to have this at no charge (with restrictions). The hosting company has a number of servers, or data centers, where each person is provided with varying amounts of space to store their digital media, including websites; others can then access these files web pages for example by use of a Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari to name a few.

A large number of companies will supply free hosting to individuals, but not generally to business entities, where they are able to have websites and blogs without any charge. For more storage space, better email facilities, sub domains and more you really need to look at paid web hosting plans; this is particularly pertinent for businesses wanting their own online web presence. There is a huge range of services available and often comparison sites are the best place to search as prices do vary considerably and you must really know in advance what type of service you need.

Initially, a lot of users decide on paying for a shared server with their hosting company.This enables them to see if they have chosen a very good hosting company; then often they may upgrade to a reseller’s account, virtual private or dedicated server. Upgrading a hosting account to one of the aforementioned usually gives one more disk space and greater bandwidth along with other improved services. Often using shared hosting limits the amount of resources the hosting company would allow on the shared server. An example of this would be they might denie the ability to use certain resource intensive scripts.

However, all this is academic if one has not registered a domain name that can be used in conjunction with the web hosting account where one can upload their web files to. Web files is a generic term that can mean anything from basic HTML pages to video or audio tracks but be aware that free or basic paid packages do not give the most storage if you are intending to upload an extensive amount of large files. But rest assured that what ever amount of web space you need, you will be able to find a web hosting company that can meet your needs.

The good thing about having your own web hosting package attached to your own registered domain name means that you can create all of your desired email addresses to contain your domain name with in them. If you are a business this is much better than using a free service email provider you may have been using previously. Such e-mail addresses are very important, especially if you’re truly serious about your business as they provide you with a level of credibility that free email addresses never can.

The amount of data that is viewed on your website each time someone accesses it is called bandwidth; it is an extremely important aspect to consider and the main reason why buying the cheapest hosting package is not always best. If your hosting company can’t offer you better bandwidth, then it will be very hard for your users to view your web pages. This is extremely important if your website has many images, MP3 tracks or other large files like video clips. Even a single web page can contain a great deal of information, all of which is considered as bandwidth.

So in closing what ever you are wanting in a website to reflect your personal or business entity will be readily available, from free to expensive web hosting. It is all out there waiting for you to choose. And one of the great things about this modern day internet world is what ever you choose, if you are not happy with it, you can change. It might cost you though, so it behooves you to do some research in the beginning to decide what you are wanting in a website and then find the web hosting company that can meet those needs.

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