Basic HTML (Basic ICT Skills)


It really is brilliant! 6 June, 2002 Reviewer: Andrew Cheetham. England I’m going through the basic html book – it really is brilliant, very easy to follow and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve almost finished this book now, and I’m ready for a more advanced book. Thanks for your excellent book Basic HTML – perfect for a novice like me!

Product Description

Basic HTML shows pupils how to create their own web pages using HTML, ‘the language of the web’. The book is suitable for whole class, group and individual teaching. It is divided into a series of lessons that introduces the basic concepts of HTML. It shows how to build a web site containing elements such as text, graphics, hyperlinks, sound and animation. The structure of HTML is explained so that advanced students can quickly progress to books giving a more in-depth treatment of the subject which are daunting for beginners. Each chapter is carefully designed to clearly show pupils how to perform various tasks that they can follow at their own pace with minimal teacher assistance. It shows how presentation skills may be used in a range of different subjects across the curriculum. It covers the following topics: Basic HTML structure, Planning a website, Basic commands, Colours and graphics, Manipulating text, Tables, Sound and animation, Links and buttons, Publishing your site

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