The blogging software that is enjoying the limelight for quite some times for now is the B2Evolution. Written in PHP, and supported by MySQL database, it is among those few web applications that every web host will recommend you for your website.

The beauty of this software lies in its comprehensive feature list that includes

• Multiple blogs

• Multiuser with different access levels

• Antispam tools

• Trackbacks and pingbacks

• Timezone handling

• RSS and ATOM feeds

• Image file organizer.

• It is also multilingual; a feature that can be attributed to its originator, Francois Planque—who was a Frenchman.

In addition to that, the latest version of B2 evolution has been enriched with many more interesting features:

One of the most talked about point in the new release is its parting with the feature of configuration file editing. From now on, all configuration tasks are going to be handled through the installer or administrative back-end.

In addition to that, this software allows an admin user to lock himself out permanently. What he needs to do is to redirecting the admin.php page to a nonexistent URL on the root domain.

Another important feature relates to the spam protection for which B2Evolution receives adieus. It is provided with community-wide spam filters. This helps the B2Eevolution sites aggregate and “tag” spammer IPs into a central blacklist. The other B2Eevolution blogs get benefited from this spam filtering.

Then, B2Evolution is famously packed with a fully skinnable interface. Traditional blog, knowledge base, bug tracker—-any type of skins can be easily downloaded and installed to render a new look and feel to your blog site.

It also offers localization into a number of language packs which can be easily downloaded. Already available languages are: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Even if you can’t find your language, just use the localization toolkit to easily localize B2Evolution to your language. With B2evolution it’s really easy to translate to your own language too.

The software helps to integrate a truly efficient workflow.

How does it work? When a user posts an article, it can be assigned to an editor. Editor may then assign them to reviewers for final approval and then only the article is published on the site. Thus, the actual permissions and statuses remain with the site owner.

In its course of development, the B2Evolution also introduced 3rd party plugin features that allow further expansion in its feature list. Some of the most popular plugins from the users perspective are Textile, Auto-P, Greymatter, BB code, Texturize (text formatting plug-ins), and graphic smilies.

B2Evolution has built-in support for RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom feeds for both posts and comments.

No matter whether you are going to step into the world of professional web publishing or just want to start a fun filled family blog, the comprehensive b2evolution platform can give you an easily installable, free, feature rich, extensible blogging solution. Unless with B2 Evolution, your transition from a novice to seasoned blogger could never have been so quick and smooth.

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