Associated Content LogoAssociated Content is a great way to passively or very actively make money. The idea is that you are blogging and writing great content. You can then take this original content to “Associated Content” and submit it.

At first your content must be approved, but once you submit a few the submissions publish automatically. They get their own pages and you can even credit your blog for writing it. If you write completely original content only for AC then they may even pay you up-front for the articles.  The way that the pay scale works otherwise is based upon visitor numbers.  The idea is for every thousand views you get at least $1.50.  This is not including the potential “up-front” payment option.

An example of what an AC page looks like can be found here: America the Once Beautiful

So the idea is that you can be very active and submit lots of original content to AC or post some of your blog posts, modified to detract “duplicate content” warnings.  AC is a great way for bloggers to write original posts for AC and then have links to their blogs.  This way they provide original content that will draw in new readers from a different source.  Thus, an active or passive role can be accomplished.  Then watch as the potential money begins to roll in.

Warning: This is not a get rich scam or even an extremely profitable one.  It is just another source of income for bloggers.  Remember, there is money out there, but not every source is big money!

AC has been very reliable, good with payments and steady.  I almost never even touch anything until I have new content or receive a payment.  So its more of a passive source of income.  It is also FREE!  Which is very nice.

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