If you are looking to monetize your blog so that you can start earning some revenue then AdBrite is a great way to do it. In combination with AdSense, Google’s Advertising, you have the potential to make great money through advertising other people’s sites on your blog. Every time the links get clicked by real visitors… you get paid!

Adsense is a great advertising program but often bloggers look to diversify their ad revenue source and see if one ad group is better for their blog then another. I am currently making a little bit more through AdBrite then Google Adsense, but the difference is very small. Google has more options for size, more easily customizable and has a bigger network of advertisers, but like I said, AdBrite is pulling in a little bit more right now for me. Part of it is the options for in-text links and full-page ads. Although you want to limit the use of these ads, they can be a helpful way to earn revenue without driving away traffic.

For many advertisements are a means to build revenue to later spend as advertisers. That is how I use my ad revenue… what I make online goes towards advertising to build my own traffic. Then once traffic is big enough I’ll have more sponsors and less advertisements.

Adbrite’s Features: In their own words:

Get ads from thousands of advertisers, including top brands.

AdBrite can help you monetize your site with advertising that fits the content and user base of your site. Our base of advertisers includes top brands like Live Nation, GM, AT&T and Verizon—at the same time, AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pages daily, providing massive scale opportunities.

Optimize results with full transparency and control.

The AdBrite interface is very easy to use – you can sign up online and run ads on your site in minutes. Once you’re up and running, your publisher dashboard will give you all the latest detailed information about every single ad that’s run on your site.

Try out a full suite of ad formats.

In addition to text and banner ads, AdBrite offers advanced options like our Full Page Ad, BritePic, and Inline ads. These formats will allow you to show high-value ads without losing site real estate—and the multimedia formats let you take advantage of the photos and video clips on your site. Bottom line, you’ll earn more than with the standard options provided by most ad networks.

To sign-up for AdBrite and get started earning revenue today, just click on the AdBrite box-link below… Within 5-10 minutes your blog can have targeted advertisements earning you money.

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