The two main ingredients to rank highly in the search engines are that you must have good content and have lots of links pointing to you. For the vast majority of bloggers, writing outstanding content is not the problem. The problem is finding the best ways to build links to the blog, as well as building deeplinks to the blog posts themselves.

Thousands of self-proclaimed “link building experts” will try to sell you costly ebooks showing you the greatest places to build your links. The main reason this article was written is to show you that there is no reason to buy your way to a great link building campaign when you can do it all totally free. As a prologue, you should know that the most common free link building strategies such as link exchanges or linkfarms can be dangerous to your sites search engine rankings. For more details go to As a good way to judge whether or not a link building technique will be dangerous to your site or not is to imagine if that link would be placed there if the search engines didn’t exist. If you were not adding your link to a site for the sole purpose that Google would find it, would you still add it?

With the prelude out of the way, lets move on. Building links to your blog is a lot different than building links to a static site. According to most people who own blogs, it is hundred of times easier. On your blog, you can build tons of links to hundreds of different pages, which you cannot do on a static site. Blogs are also updated on a daily basis, meaning the search engines crawl through them for hours and rank them higher with very little extra work. Your link building campaigns will be far more reaching than if you were on a static site. Every single post you make on your blog has a chance to gain tons of social media links which will result in higher search engine placement and more traffic. The more traffic, the more money you make!

After spending many hours searching the internet for places to build links for blogs, the best place you should focus your blog’s link building campaigns are on social media sites. These sites generally have a huge amount of visitors and the content that is promoted ranks heavily on the search engines. You are allowed to submit every blog post you write to every single social media site, thus building many links for every single blog post you write. This will allow you to have many deeplinks which will raise the authority of your blogs main domain. For more information login to In the end, you will be able to rank higher for your blog posts without doing any extra marketing. Stop paying for bad quality ebooks when with a few minutes every day you can submit your blog posts to social media websites for free and receive far more benefit. If the social media sites like your blog posts, it may even make their front page resulting in thousands more visitors and hundreds more links. The result of this can easily snowball into reaching wide new audiences and rank for longtail keywords that you never thought possible. Give it a try because after all, you have nothing to lose

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