Writing for a political blog is different then describing what you ate for breakfast or telling everyone about your favorite vacation.  The focus is to educate, inspire and encourage readers to participate in politics.  Often it also includes a specific message the writer is trying to get across.  So how do political bloggers make their blogs different?

  1. Topic Focus – Political Blogs stay focused on politics.  They discuss the current, historical and potential events effecting the local, national, or world political system.  These blogs are not the places for travel logs, slideshows of your girlfriend or tips on how to bake cookies.  Just personality (your own preferrably) and educated information or opinions.
  2. Resources – Political blogs are often a great resource for people looking to learn about issues that interest them.  Through the medium of blogging readers can find access to great information and up to date events.  Blogs can be a great hub for links as well to other content.
  3. Community – Using the avenue of political discussion, bloggers have the unique opportunity to build a community of readers and visitors to further their cause and ideas.  For example, if I was passionate about water rights for Native American’s in my state then I could use my blog to educate and collaborate with like minded people.
  4. Current – Unlike a lot of other blogs, political blogs should stay current with events but have a timelessness to them.  The articles and posts serve as a editorial record of events and ideas of the time.  It makes political blogs kinda neat in that way.
  5. Debate - Blogs on politics are asking for it.  They are bringing up topics people are passionate about and asking them to comment whether they agree or disagree.  If you write a post about any topic currently involving politics someone will disagree with you.

So know your differences and use them to establish yourself as a political writer and blogger.  You are unique and have important things to say.  Say them.  Don’t be afraid of debate or critical comments because it means your blog is doing the right thing.

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