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Google analytics on custom domain powered by blogger ,I am new to Blogger. Today was my first day & my adsence account has been disabled.I

I am new to Blogger. Today was my first day & my adsense account has been disabled.I had edited the title & url in my first blog several times. I had applied for adsence with my previous url http://hoping1day.blogspot.com/ . Later i had changed the blog title to UAE Driving Licence & url to  http://uaedrivinglicence.blogspot.com/. [...]

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Add a Tool Set Ad in Articles Results – Smartads

Make sure you’ve heard about this tool and can be used then. Clickkt the new private use and found quite effective because it automatically set the default ad in their posts in positions where their favorite. If you want to place ads 300 × 250 – the format most popular Google said that most advertisers [...]

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Adsense, the Most Favorite Money Maker for Bloggers

AdSense is an advertisement serving program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and more recently, video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google is also currently beta-testing a cost-per-action based service. By AdSense, [...]

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Basic Web Design – What You Should Know Before You Start

Basic Web design is a critical skill to understand if you plan to run an efficient online business. You can hire a pro to do most of the work if you like, but understanding the basics yourself will allow you to have more control over your business. Even if you plan to outsource the Web [...]

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Make Money Blogging With or Without Adsense? Some Options…

When deciding whether to incorporate Adsense into your blog there are several factors to consider. Many feel that it diminishes their brand, whilst others see it as a useful tool for visitors which creates revenues and makes their content profitable. The choice can largely come down to the commercial goals and the purpose of [...]

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5 Hard and Fast Blogging Tips

If making money is your goal, here are 5 vital blogging tips to insure your blog has a solid foundation from which it can grow. 1) Have knowledge or a Passion to Learn If you don’t have some knowledge of or at least a passion to learn more about the material you’re blogging about it [...]

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Special Plans: The Blogs on Douglas Feith & the Faulty Intelligence That Led to War

Review Pulls together informative and entertaining writing of the past five years to track the central role of Douglas Feith. — David Terrenoire, author of Beneath a Panamanian Moon Testament to the fact that the new Internet media delivers needed information the mainstream press no longer covers in detail. — Mark Karlin, Editor & Publisher, [...]

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